Investor Update

October 17 2017

Positves & Risks

- Most of these bullish points below are from investor bunterfisch at the BCT forum -

1. The Droxne ecosystem is growing with two crypto industry data providers enhancing their coverage.

A. Coinmarketcap has been updated their Droxne page with our new website, Reddit and Twitter channels. Please see for details.

B. Coingecko has a newly created page with blockchain information at

2. We have applied for listings at two additional exchanges including one Chinese (Kucoin) and a UK-based exchange (Tradesatoshi).

3. 3. We have developed campaign signatures for any community members that wish to support us. Please contact @Anhtatsu or myself. We dont yet have a development fund so its too early to pay bounties, but will be needed to finance our growth. @Convery maybe you can donate a few coins back Kiss when we set up our dev fund.

4. Discussions are underway as to games for the platform, two ideas were roulette and a car racing game inspired by Formula one.

5. The development team have discussed making adjustments to the staking rate in the next wallet release. None of the dev team members feel the current 40\% staking rate is sustainable long term without excessive dilution of the coin supply of 82M currently and adverse impacts on the coin price. There is a long line of high staking rate currencies that have declined to 1 sat: EMB, IFLT, 1337, and we are planning procative action to avoid this fate. Details of the proposals are on github:

6. Proof of stake difficulty is 0.9788. The market cap is currently $108K.

We look forward to the communities feedback on the staking rate / monetary supply growth here or on the Slack channel.