Investor Update

October 17 2017


A poll was taken on the Slack channel and 14 out of 280 members voted for proactive action and to restart development. In case the original dev returns, the Roadmap may be adjusted but for now this is the direction.

Interim Roadmap

Please check our Roadmap here.

Team Update

Seven people in the Slack have stepped forward offering to help including some of the top 50 investors. The team is in the process of being formed. As of now we do not yet have a developer fund, so it too early to pay bounties for the various items above. At this early stage, we will need to work as community volunteers. Long term we will need core of at least four team members: SEO expert, blockchain developer, cloud computing/data scientist and social media manager that contribute to the effort on a part time basis. Please contact me over Slack or BCT if you wish to join.