- Core Platform -

I. Create a detailed white paper with history, gaming overview, team and roadmap.

II. Build new Droxne website.

III. Integrate APIs to show DXRNE price, PoS difficulty, share count on website homepage.

IV. Build a developer fund to facilitate payment of bounties – initially community donations, long term explore funding with portion of staking income.

- Social Media Development -

I. Support the Droxne Twitter site

II. Support the Droxne Facebook site, Droxne Facebook

III. Create/Maintain additional media channels: Blogspot, Discord, Medium, Reddit, Slack, Steemit, Tumblr.

- Promotion -

I. Develop forum signatures for Junior, Member, Full/Senior, Hero/Legendary members.

II. Provide direction and guidance to the Droxne community across channels.

III. Creation of new Droxne ANN.

IV. Creation of Droxne vision statement.

V. Develop management team and create biographies for each team member.

- Gaming Functionality -

I. Development of first Droxne game - Stock market trader.

II. Create an API to allow purchase/sale of gaming products on Droxne marketplace.

III. Create data fields for backend database to support games on Droxne website.