Droxne supports the following Use Cases:

1. Crypto currency asset for investors seeking exposure to the gaming and gambling industries.

2. Proof of Stake coin offering 40% staking returns for active investors willing to stake their DRXNE shares to process transactions on the Droxne blockchain and earn income that is decoupled from market fluctuations.

3. In game currency for game developers to integrate DRXNE into their games for use as rewards, recurring subscription payments, game version or game tool upgrades and or purchase of gaming services.

4. Network for game developers to offer their games for sale (or free) to the gaming community. DRXNE will provide a venue for game developers to sell their games directly to consumers disintermediating the gaming company gatekeepers who traditionally control game distribution.

*Use cases #3 and #4 are future anticipated uses, and will be elaborated upon in more detail in the upcoming White Paper.